Robert A. Creo has published extensively on arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution.

Current Publications

The Master Mediator is Mr. Creo’s periodic web column on The CPR Institute website. It was published from 2005 to 2009 and restarted in November of 2012 in print format in the CPR Alternatives monthly publication. To receive the articles in PDF format via email, please contact

Podcast Series

The CPR Master Mediator Podcast Series was a three-part audio discussion conducted by Mr. Creo in 2009. The podcasts are available online at West Legal EdCenter.

The topics were, as follows:

  • 1st podcast (4/13/09), “I’m Sorry? Acknowledgment and Apology in Preventing Medical Malpractice Claims”: an exploration of the pros, cons, ethics, legal ramifications, and efficacy of health care providers discussing medical errors with patients and family and the role of apology in resolving claims.
  • 2nd podcast (5/11/09), “The Ethics of Fictional Lawyers”: an analysis of the popular portrayal of lawyers, and the ethics issue they raise under the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct.
  • 3rd podcast (9/28/09), “The Science of Conflict” with Monique McKay: a discussion on the Master Mediator Institute and effective negotiation and decision making in conflict.

All Publications

  • The Master Mediator: It’s Not A Video Recording, Part 3: Sharing and Vindicating Mediation Memories, 31 CPR Alternatives, No. 6, 89 (June 2013).
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  • The Master Mediator: Memory is Not a Video Recorder, Part 1, 31 CPR Alternatives, No. 4, 51 (April 2013).
  • The Master Mediator: You, Me, & Me —and You! An Exploration of Unconscious Imitation, 31 CPR Alternatives, No. 3, 35 (March 2013).
  • The Master Mediator: Fatigue, Ego Depletion and Persistence in the Bargaining Room, 31 CPR Alternatives, No. 2, 35 (February 2013).
  • The Master Mediator: Accurate Assessments and Intuitive Responses at the Settlement Conference and the ADR Session, 31 CPR Alternatives, No. 1, 4 (January 2013).
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